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Reckless Driving Ticket in Virginia

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Melvin L. Hill Attorney at Law Helps You with a Reckless Driving Ticket Do you need help with a reckless driving ticket in Virginia? Melvin L. Hill Attorney at Law in Roanoke, VA is ready to fight for you. Reckless driving carries a series of harsh consequences. This isn’t like your typical speeding ticket where […]

Consequences of Criminal Activity

Criminal background check

Melvin L. Hill Attorney at Law Can Help You with Criminal Consequences Contact Melvin L. Hill Attorney at Law for help understanding consequences of criminal activity. Breaking the law impacts you and everyone else around you. There are consequences you deal with from the court, and in society. Some of those societal consequences you deal […]

Speeding and Reckless Driving

Driver stopped for speeding

Melvin L. Hill Attorney at Law Offers Quality Criminal Defense Trust Melvin L. Hill Attorney at Law in Roanoke, VA to fight speeding and reckless driving accusations. There’s nothing like going for a drive on a nice day. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t risks involved. Many times, you may take big risks that carry […]

What to Do If the Police Stop You

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Know Your Rights with Melvin L. Hill Attorney at Law in Radford, VA Do you know what to do if the police stop you? This is an unfortunate and stressful scenario many people face in a variety of circumstances. It might be anything from a routine traffic stop, to a suspicion of shoplifting, to disturbing […]

Elimination of Minimum Mandatory Sentences

Melvin L. Hill Attorney at Law in Radford, VA, Reviews Penalties This month, we take a look at the elimination of minimum mandatory sentences. Many Virginians might agree that jail time goes hand in hand with criminal conviction. ‘Do the crime, you serve the time,’ is a common line. In support of this notion, the […]

DUI Offenses in Roanoke, VA, Affect More Than Your Driving Record

Get Top Legal Representation from Melvin L. Hill Attorney at Law Did you know that DUI offenses in Roanoke, VA, affect more than your driving record? For many area vehicle operators, we may see reports in the news or encounter traffic stops. These reports and measures are only a response to the larger issue of […]