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Criminal Defense Attorney in Roanoke, VA

Melvin L. Hill Attorney at Law

Experience You Need to Defend Your Rights in Roanoke, VA

When you need a criminal defense attorney in Roanoke, VA, trust Melvin L. Hill Attorney at Law. With Melvin L. Hill representing you in court, you have the experience you need to defend your rights. Crimes requiring a defense attorney can include assaults, malicious wounding, drug offenses, and federal offenses, to name a few. Criminal charges and serious allegations require a tenacious attorney, so start now by calling (540) 342-1851. You can also contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation.

Criminal Defense Lawyer for DUI and Speeding Charges in Salem, VA

In serving the region, Melvin L. Hill is a Salem-area criminal defense lawyer for DUI or drunk driving charges. When you are charged with a DUI, it is a serious allegation that does require knowledge and experience. Salem-area drivers who need a reliable drunk driving attorney can call Melvin L. Hill Attorney at Law for sound advice. He not only knows the law but what to expect at various traffic courts in the region.

Driving under the influence (or DUI) is not the only time area drivers may need a lawyer. Melvin L. Hill Attorney at Law also serves local drivers who are caught speeding. There are a number of ways a speeding offense can stay on your driving record. This can impact your job and result in higher insurance premiums. Consult with our local attorney today for advice and representation on speeding charges in Salem, VA, and surrounding areas.

Attorney Serving Vinton, VA, for Defense on Reckless Driving

When you require a strong defense attorney to uphold your rights on a reckless driving charge, call Melvin L. Hill. The courts look upon any form of reckless driving as being a danger to fellow citizens. When you expect to face a reckless driving charge, get representation from one of the top defense attorneys near Vinton. Consult with Melvin L. Hill Attorney at Law about the reckless driving matter today.

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Juveniles facing criminal charges need a strong advocate in their corner. Melvin L. Hill Attorney at Law serves the youth of Virginia who face juvenile charges. Will the court expunge the charge from your record when you reach 18? From shoplifting to assault and more, let the experience of Melvin L. Hill help explain what happens with the court and your future.