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Defense Attorney for Juvenile Charges in Roanoke, VA

Serving Youth of the Roanoke Valley Region

Melvin L. Hill Attorney at Law Defends the Youth of the Roanoke Valley

Attorney Melvin L. Hill is proud to serve as a defense attorney for juvenile charges in Roanoke, VA. When a young person faces serious legal charges, families in the Roanoke Valley may not know where to turn. It is a difficult time for a youth facing serious legal consequences. Schedule a free initial consultation with criminal defense attorney Melvin L. Hill. Call (540) 342-1851 today or contact us online for guidance, information, and representation.

Juvenile Charges Carry the Same Penalties Under Virginia Law as Adults

In Roanoke, Salem, and Lynchburg areas of Virginia, police can charge juveniles with the same type of crime as adults. From assault and drug charges to malicious wounding and cybercrime, a juvenile may face severe adult penalties. While the court may take a first offense or circumstances into consideration, defending a juvenile on criminal charges requires experience. Juveniles need a defense lawyer well-versed in the law for:

– Criminal and Civil Matters

– Felonies

– First Offense

– Misdemeanors

Criminal Charges for Juveniles in Salem and Lynchburg, Virginia

Being apprehended by law enforcement and charged with a crime is a scary time for any youth. A strong defense attorney is a must when a young person faces criminal charges:

– Assault

– Computer Crimes

– Drug Possession

– Shoplifting

– Theft

– And More

Minors who face juvenile charges can receive severe sentences of fines and imprisonment in a juvenile facility. Some may even be incarcerated in jail, which can be traumatic. No parent wants to have their child go through the justice system as a youth. Call Melvin L. Hill today for a consultation for a juvenile facing charges in Salem and Lynchburg, Virginia.

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Call Melvin L. Hill Attorney at Law today in Roanoke, VA, for juvenile charges. Receive wise legal counsel and top defense in court on offenses by minors. As a lawyer serving the youth of the Roanoke Valley region, he is ready to help. Contact him when you need a defense attorney for juvenile charges in Roanoke, VA.