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Speeding Charges in Roanoke, VA, Need an Experienced Attorney

Obtain Strong Defense from Melvin L. Hill Attorney at Law

Vehicle operators who face speeding charges in Roanoke, VA, need an experienced attorney. Obtain a strong defense against demerits with Melvin L. Hill Attorney at Law. As a lawyer defending area residents since 1984, he knows the many courts in the region. Melvin L. Hill provides the insight and experience to provide a strong defense on speeding charges. Take the first step by calling (540) 342-1851 to schedule a free initial consultation or contact us online today.

Cracking Down on Speeding in Lynchburg Can Bring Severe Penalties

Perhaps you think that speeding is not a big deal, and that drivers in Lynchburg do it all the time. In Virginia, vehicle operators face a $6 fine for every mile they exceed the speed limit. Simply going a ‘mere’ ten miles over the speed posted could mean a $60 fine or more. Going 20 miles per hour above the limit could bring an additional reckless driving charge, which is a misdemeanor.

Excessive Speeding in Salem, Virginia, May Mean Criminal Charges

As mentioned above, Virginia’s driving statues are not kind toward vehicle operators who use excessive speed. When you face criminal charges in Salem for going too far over the speed limit, trust Melvin L. Hill Attorney at Law. His experience with helping drivers who face criminal charges for excessive speeding means you have a strong defense.

Protect Your Rights and Your Driving Record with Melvin L. Hill

Melvin L. Hill Attorney at Law can help vehicle operators protect their rights and their driving record. Speeding tickets in Virginia remain on the operator’s driving record for five years. This is true regardless of the amount of speeding. The demerit point system can have ramifications on your insurance costs. Points against your driving record can impact your livelihood if your job requires driving.

As in many states, in Virginia demerit points come off your driving record. The highest, for such things as reckless driving or DUI, cost six (6) points. Driving between 10 and 19 miles per hour over the limit can cost four (4) demerit points. Failure to obey a highway sign or improper driving can cost three (3) points.

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Defense Attorney for Speeding, Excessive Speeding, and Misdemeanors

Ask yourself: Can you afford a speeding ticket? For most drivers in areas like Salem or Lynchburg, Virginia, that answer is a big “no.” Contact Melvin L. Hill Attorney at Law in Roanoke today when you need a defense attorney. He represents clients who face a variety of speeding, excessive speeding, and misdemeanors. Consult with him when you need an experienced attorney for speeding charges in Roanoke, VA.