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Attorney for Reckless Driving in Salem, VA

Melvin L. Hill

Defense Attorney Serving the Region Against Reckless Driving Charges

If you are looking for an attorney for reckless driving in Salem, VA, contact Melvin L. Hill Attorney at Law. In Virginia, vehicle operators can face a reckless driving charge for going more than 20 miles over the speed limit. Reckless driving is also a misdemeanor, carrying the same penalties as a DUI, so you need a strong criminal defense attorney. Call (540) 342-1851 to schedule a free initial consultation on your reckless driving matter, or contact us online  today.

Serious Reckless Driving in Lynchburg, Virginia, Requires Legal Counsel

Because a reckless driving charge carries the penalty of a misdemeanor, you need legal counsel from an attorney. A misdemeanor is a criminal charge and the penalties stay on your record. Drivers caught going over 80 miles per hour and charged with reckless driving need a knowledgeable defense attorney. Melvin L. Hill serves drivers in Lynchburg and surrounding areas with the legal counsel they need on reckless driving charges.

Reckless Driving is More than Speeding on Salem-Area Roads

On roads throughout the Salem area, law enforcement will do its utmost to keep the highways safe for all drivers. They will enforce speed limits and many drivers do get minor infractions for going over the posted speed. However, a reckless driving charge is more than speeding. Reckless driving on Salem-area roadways can bring a much more severe penalty. Speak with Melvin L. Hill today about your options on reckless driving charges.

Reckless Driving in Virginia – Penalties

Misdemeanor – Up to 90 Days in Jail

Fines of $145 to $1,000

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DUI and Reckless Driving Matters for Salem and Vinton-Area Drivers

If you are pulled over in the Salem or Vinton area of the Roanoke Valley, obtain legal counsel today. Melvin L. Hill Attorney at Law serves vehicle operators in Salem and Vinton who need experienced representation. For DUI and reckless driving situations, obtain legal help from one of the top lawyers in the Roanoke region. Know where you stand regarding your driving status, criminal record, and what it can mean for your future. Call Melvin L. Hill when you need help from a skilled attorney for reckless driving in Salem, VA.