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Man stopped for traffic violation

Know Your Rights During a Traffic Stop

Count on Melvin L. Hill Attorney at Law for Protecting Your Rights

Do you know your rights during a traffic stop? Rely on Melvin L. Hill Attorney at Law for your legal questions. If you’ve experienced getting pulled over, you know how scary that situation can be. No matter the reason for the traffic stop, you have rights under federal and Virginia law. Make sure you know about your rights if the police pull you over. Some excellent tips, courtesy of the American Civil Liberties Union, include:



You Have the Right to Remain Silent About Everything an Officer Asks

You have the right to remain silent in your interaction with a police officer. This right applies to the driver as well as any passenger in the vehicle. Passengers can also ask if they are free to leave. Make sure you park your car in a safe place as soon as you can. If the police arrest or detain you, ask that you have the chance to consult with an attorney. That goes for one you retain or a public defender.



Police Officers Can’t Take Away Evidence Without a Search Warrant

Don’t allow a police officer to go through your car unless they have an affidavit. Officers can’t stop you from recording video of what is happening. Make sure, though, you aren’t interfering. You should also avoid hiding the fact you’re recording what is happening. Police officers don’t have an expectation of privacy due to the nature of their jobs.



Get The Information You Need if the Police Violated Your Rights

If you believe a policeman violated your rights, write down everything you can find about the officer. That includes their badge number, patrol car number, police station, and contact information for witnesses. Make sure you consult with an attorney on how to press forward from there. The attorney can help you determine the next step for your situation.



If you need help with your traffic stop, contact Melvin L. Hill Attorney at Law in Roanoke, VA, today at (540) 342-1851 for a consultation. Check out our blog for more great information on your rights under the law. We are happy to help you know your rights during a traffic stop.