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Impact of Juvenile Charges in Adulthood

Melvin L. Hill Attorney at Law in Roanoke, VA Reviews Juvenile Crime

Do you know the potential impact of juvenile charges in adulthood? Many Virginia residents may have the impression that punishment for juvenile crime is inadequate. Whenever a young person faces court charges, the ramifications can extend long after they mature.

Consulting with an experienced attorney who understands the effects of juvenile crime is important. Having a strong defense attorney to represent you in court to fight for your rights can be critical. Juvenile offenders and their families can take steps to reduce the impact of juvenile charges in adulthood.

Past to Present: Juvenile Charges Demands Punishment

Youthful actions can get out of hand to the point where young people face criminal charges. Some examples of delinquent behavior include crimes against persons or property, drug offenses, and more. Juvenile courts would handle matters for those under the age of 18 charged with a crime.

We mentioned earlier that there are those who feel the juvenile justice system is more lenient than the adult system. While the juvenile court system exists to help exact justice after a crime, they feel its punishment has less impact. Moving beyond rehabilitation, some prosecutors demand that juvenile offenders receive punishment that fits the crime.

Understand the Risks of Prosecuting Youth Offenders as Adults

The growing number of cases where juveniles are tried under the adult system shows its impact on society. Young repeat offenders carry the ‘delinquent’ label into adulthood. The additional step of prosecuting youths as adults puts them at risk for more than a label.

The Juvenile Law Center reports, “Many youth in the justice system have experienced or witnessed violence and trauma. Youth in the adult criminal justice system face a higher risk of sexual abuse, physical assault, and suicide.” The prevailing thought is that with essential programs and treatment services youth offenders may avoid re-offending later in life.

Review Juvenile Charges with Melvin L. Hill Attorney at Law

American Progress reports:

“A criminal record can also impede opportunities for professional licenses, housing, and other basic life essentials. The number of barriers on justice-involved individuals after they are released sets them so far back that they are often punished toward a life of poverty or recidivism.”

They go on to say that formerly incarcerated individuals are ten times more likely than to end up homeless. These effects of crime illuminate the significant impact juvenile charges in adulthood.

Speak with Melvin L. Hill today for advice and representation on juvenile justice matters. Know your options and have a strong attorney to stand up for your rights when it matters most.

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